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Compounded Semaglutide Prescribed Online

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FLCCC Protocols:

  • COVID-19 Infection
  • Long COVID

Primary Care Services When common health problems pop up, we’ll help you handle them without travel, appointments, or insurance. We will connect you with an online provider who can assess your condition, prescribe necessary medications, or renew a prescription within hours.

FLCCC Protocols

  • Many people may be surprised to know that the FDA regulates drug approval, not drug prescribing, and doctors are free to prescribe a drug for any reason they think is medically appropriate.  Off-label use is of existing approved drugs is so common, that virtually every drug is used off-label in some circumstances.”


  • FLCCC Protocols, COVID-19, Vaccine Injury, Long COVID
  • Curious to learn more about functional medicine? Request a health assessment to learn more about your health and how functional medicine can help. No matter what physical or other health-related issues you may be facing, functional medicine is the answer to uncovering the root cause of your ailments and reclaiming your biology Learn more about how to start the appointment process.

Functional Medicine vs Conventional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine takes a comprehensive, whole health approach to prevention, health, and well-being; treats root causes of disease; and restores healthy function through a personalized patient experience

Conventional Medicine

Traditional medicine allows you to become ill. Symptoms are treated with a prescription. With traditional medicine, the root causes of illnesses are never discovered, and your illness remains.


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