How to take Ivermectin: Source Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

  1. Prophylaxis: pre-exposure: when working on high risk environment (ie. nurse working in hospital, teacher in school where there are many COVID cases, before attending a big event : wedding, family reunion etc.)
  2. Post Exposure: if you have been in contact with a person that later tested positive for covid.
  3. Treatment of COVID: if you think you have covid symptoms or had a positive covid test.



Donna’s weight is 165 pounds.  Her weight in kilograms is 165/2.2= 75 Kilograms

  1. Prophylaxis dose = 75 kilograms x 0.2 mg of Ivermectin= 15 mg
  2. Post exposure dose= 75 kilograms x 0.4 mg of Ivermectin = 30 mg
  3. Treatment dose= 75 kilograms x 0.4 mg  or 0.6 mg of Ivermectin = 30-45 mg

Prophylaxis Example:

  • Donna works as a nurse in ICU, she takes 15 mg weekly 
  • Donna is going to a wedding in Florida.  She can take 15 mg of Ivermectin on Monday and Thursday before going to the wedding.

Post-exposure Example:

  • Donna was told that someone she was sitting with or dancing with has covid.  She will take 30 mg of Ivermectin as soon as she finds out and then repeats 30 mg of Ivermectin 48 hrs later.

COVID Treatment* :

  • Donna develops covid symptoms (cough, headache, lower back pain, chills, body aches, dry cough)
  • She will take 30-45 mg of Ivermectin once daily for 5-7 days or until she feels better.  

*Note: If Donna has delayed her treatment with Ivermectin 5 days or more after her symptoms started she should start by taking 45 mg of Ivermectin.  She should also contact her Primary care provider.